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FIRST MARKING PERIOD [part 1 of the book]


As the ninth-graders are gathered into the auditorium, the speaker classifies them:
***Jocks – cool guys on sports teams; (athletes – some girls are included)
Country Clubbers – rich kids; with parents belonging to Country Clubs – social climbers
Idiot Savants – kids who look retarded but they have really good grades; intelligent kids with little common-sense (no street smarts)
***Cheerleaders – pretty girls on the cheerleading team
Human Waste – losers; dopers – those who do nothing with their lives
Eurotrash – European immigrants which are low-class? – probably just exchange students
Future Fascists of America – white kids with an attitude – maybe racist; kids who want to overthrow the school administration
Big Hair Chix – Girls with outrageous hair styles
***The Marthas – do-gooders; girls who are full of attitude and do a lot of volunteer work because they want to get attention
Suffering Artists – anti-social kids with artistic tendencies; primarily interested in art
Thespians – members of the drama club; actors
Goths – the kids with black make-up, black nails; dark attitude
Shredders – careless; destructive personalities

“I am clanless.” – p. 4 – Tells that the speaker belongs nowhere – she has no clan; no sense of belonging

“I am Outcast.” – p. 4 – this is shown as if this was her name
The speaker says that her clan – the Plain Janes – has dismembered and the members are going to other clans.
Nicole – lounges with the Jocks
Ivy – between the Artists and the Thespians

Rachel Bruin – speaker’s ex-best friend; she mouths “I hate you”

The speaker mentions the first 10 lies they tell you in high school – p. 5.

Discussion Questions:

Why are the ninth graders treated differently than the “older kids”?

Why do you think the speaker is facing this problem? Is she really an outcast?

Why is it important to have a “clan”?

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