• Posted on: 27 December 2010
  • By: admin

The most appealing thing about the Titanic, the author says is the fact that you get to die together with other and not alone. It is a good way to die because you die together with a crowd, after being well fed and surrounded by friends, servants, music and light.
The speaker starts with a question therefore it sounds like a calm, meditative monologue. The speaker feels a death like the one on Titanic would be a pleasant one, with the cries of others remind you that you are not alone and with the certainty that history will make note of your death so that you can be remembered by future generations.
I think this poem is very interesting and I feel that it has quite a bit of hidden meaning. For instance I think the last line of the poem suggests that first, it is ok to die if your life was filled with joy while it is sad to die if you lived a miserable life. He probably doesn’t talk only about the passengers of Titanic but also about all of us. I don’t agree with his example, that death on Titanic wasn’t a tragedy but I do understand his point about living and dying “first class.”