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Comprehension Questions & Answers

Plot Line

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Female imprisonment within the domestic sphere / women as victims
- The Domestic Sphere as Prison – John keeps his wife imprisoned; he takes away motherhood from her when she is deemed unfit to care for her newborn; he abuses his role as a husband and a physician
Depression as a result of being kept prisoner within your own home – the narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper goes insane (psychosis) because she is isolated (sort of home prison)

Role of women in the 19th century – women were expected to fulfill their duties as wives and mothers and be content in their existence as nothing more. Men and women were divided between the public and private sphere and women were doomed to spend their lives solely in the domestic sphere;
Creativity vs. rationality – the narrator’s creativity is in conflict with John’s rationality; the husband is a doctor, believes only in rational stuff and he thinks he can kill his wife’s imagination through isolation