THE NECKLACE [full text & notes]

  • Posted on: 21 December 2010
  • By: admin

by Guy de Maupassant

- Themes
Be honest (especially with your friends)
Be happy with your place in society; don't desire more than what you can have
Life is not fair

- Comprehension questions
Did Madame Loisel get what she wanted?

Yes, she did, but at a great cost. She dreamt of getting the chance to dance at a ball while wearing beautiful clothes and expensive jewelry – she wanted to belong in the upper class and feel rich. She wanted to be desired by rich men; to be courted and wanted by famous people from the top layer of her society. She got that experience at the ball – she got a glimpse of the upper class lifestyle. However, she paid for many years for indulging in this extravagance.

Did Madame Loisel change throughout the story?

Yes, she went from a middle class, comfortable existence to lower class – she had to work to pay off the necklace. She lost the pink nails, the beauty and charm that was so admired at the party. She also changed on the inside – she became coarse and rough but much more proud of herself and all the things she achieved through hard work.

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