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by John Steinbeck

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The setting is the side of Salinas River, a quiet and peaceful setting where the activity of animals and
people can be seen by the tracks around the water. In this quiet setting, two men appear – George and
Lennie. They are described as opposites in every way: George is small and sharp, Lennie is big and slow.
Lennie seems a bit mentally challenged and he follows George’s every move and gesture.
George seems to be the smart one and the boss in the relationship. It’s surprising that he hangs out
with Lennie. Soon, we find out that Lennie was hiding something in his pocket – a dead mouse, which he
found on the road. He keeps the mouse because he likes to touch soft things. He is like a big child. George gets
mad at Lennie and starts ranting about wanting to be without Lennie and living a better life. George says
that, without Lennie, he could keep a job, earn money and party in the weekends. With Lennie, he always
gets in trouble and has to leave towns in a hurry. The last town they worked in, Weeds, Lennie wanted to
touch a girl’s dress and when the girl got scared and tried to run away, Lennie pulled on it. People were
angry and the girl was scared so they had to run away from town. Now, George and Lennie are going to
another job, somewhere where people don’t know them. As they eat, George and Lennie are talking about
their dream. Their dream is to buy a house and a small farm and live independently – they don’t want to
work for other people anymore. Lennie’s dream is to have a farm with many rabbits so he can take care of
the rabbits and pet them whenever he wants. Their dream is simple but Lennie and George think that would
be the happiest thing ever.

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